Thoughts about reading the Bible: What’s your heart posture?

In the past, I used to read the Bible daily with The Bible Recap's reading plan. This makes sense from a christian perspective — ‘immerse yourself in the word of God daily’. There is nothing wrong with that. But I realised that I was just trying to tick the boxes off the list of readings in reading plan. I’d even increase the speed of the accompanying podcast (to around 1.2 to 1.5x) so that I can complete the devotion faster. Gradually, reading the Bible became a task, rather than a date with God. It was unhealthy for me, spiritually and mentally.

Now, I read at my own pace. Some days, I go through 3 devotions at once. Others, 2 devotions (like today). There are days when I do 1 devotion. And there are certainly days when I do none.

Things have become better because the pressure to complete the Bible in a year is taken off me. I am a slow reader. It means that I take a lot of time to read and digest, but it’s good because it gives me the room to breathe and contemplate about what I’ve read.

Note: I am not encouraging you to not read the Bible daily. However, I want to acknowledge that people are at different phases and paces in their spiritual life. At the end, the heart posture is most important.